Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cedar Creek and Beaver Dam settlement.

            Certificate of Abraham Birdwell
Alabama, Jackson County, February 9, 1830
            I Abrahan (sic) Birdwell, of said State and county do hereby certify, having been into the State of Georgia, and on my return home through the Cherokee nation, and on and within the territory claimed by Georgia as Creek land; and on Thursday, the 4th present instant, had my attention attracted by the burning of houses, and by a company of Cherokees, under the command of Major Ridge, a Cherokee Chief; an inquiry of Ridge, thro' Mr. David Vann, another leading character of the nation, I was informed that Major Ridge was authorized by John Ross, principal Chief of the Cherokee nation, to the burning and otherwise destroying the houses, &c. occupied by the intruders, saying that they were a parcel of scoundrels and rogues, and that the Government would not injure them for thus treating them.  These acts were committed on Cedar Creek and Beaver Dam settlement. The property thus wantonly destroyed, was, as I was informed, valued by the assessors, and paid for by the Government of the United States.  After leaving Vann's on the 5th, I saw about four miles on the route home, a woman on a cart, who I was informed had had a child only four days before.  Coming on three miles further, I saw another, who had a midwife with her, and in a critical condition.  The Cherokees were all armed with guns, pistols, and Ridge himself was clothed in all the garb of Indian warfare,viz; His headdress was a buffalo's forehead & horns, &c., there were sixty Indians; the Indians exalted highly, particularly David Vann; the Indians around the fire, with expressions of Indian joy, yelling, shouting; &c. &c.  I met some men on express to the settlements for aid. 
                     ABRAHAM BIRDWELL.

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