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More Vann Info

Edward Vann I married 1) (ca.1736) Mary Barnes and 2) (ca.1745) Charity _______?
b. ca.1720
d. March, 1773 at Horn's Creek, Abbeville Dist. SC
Children of Mary Barnes, daughter of Richard Barnes, Chowan Co, NC (Mary Barnes, b. ca. 1720 & d. 1744):

1) Joseph Vann [so-called "John Joseph"] m. Wah-li Vann
b. ca. 1737; d. 1800
[Nancy Vann said her father's name was Joseph Vann]

2) Edward ( "Ned") Vann II m. Mary King
b. ca. 1740; d. 1833 Horn's Creek, Edgefield Co., SC
[11/1/1818 an old man named Ned Vann visited Spring Place. He was a "blood brother of the father of James Vann and the mother of Joseph Crutchfield"]

3) Jenny Vann
b. ca. 1742; d. ca.1820
[Clement Vann visited Spring Place with his sister Jenny]

4) James Vann
b. ca. 1744; d. ca. 1820 Wilkes Co, GA

After the death of his 1st wife Mary Barnes, Edward Vann moved to the Ninety-Six District, SC, later known as Abbeville District, Pendleton District, Greenville County, and Edgeville County, SC, and married Charity_________.
Children of Charity _________ (a "Distressed Refugee, with 1 child, 8/11/1782) (b. ca. 1725; d. ca. 1790)

5) Clement Vann m. Wah-li Vann
b. 4/3/1746; 1832 [he came into the Cherokee Nation ca. 1779]

6) Thomas Vann m. Anne [said to be a Cherokee woman]
b. ca. 1747; d. ca. 1839 Madison Co, AL

7) Edith Vann m. Arthur Archibald Coody (b.1742; d. 1782 Horn's Creek, Abbeville Dist.SC)
b. ca. 1752; d. 1805 Wilkes Co, GA
[Edward Vann was one of the adminstrators of A. A. Coody's will; another was Littlejohn Perdue, who may have married a Coody daughter; a young man named Greenberry Perdue, whose mother was named Coody, visited Spring Place with his relative Joseph Crutchfield (i.e. 2nd cousin)]

8) Avery Vann, Sr.
b. ca. 1755; d. ca. 1810
[Avery Vann, "a younger brother of Clement Vann" visited Spring Place. It was probably his son, Avery Vann, Jr.(contemporary in age with James Vann) who married Peggy McSwain (granddaughter of Indian trader John Downing). They were the progenitors of a large Cherokee family (the humorist Will Rogers descends from this line).
9) Susannah Vann m.(ca.1786) John Crutchfield (b. ca. 1755; d. ca. 1810, Wilkes Co,GA)
b. ca. 1760; d. ca. 1800 Wilkes Co, GA
Joseph Crutchfield, overseer on James Vann's estate in 1811 and (non-Indian) first cousin of James Vann, married Peggy Scott, the widow of Chief James Vann. Later Joseph married another Cherokee, Chinosa Halfbreed. He was 24 years old in 1811 and was born 7/4/1787. His younger brother Edmund Crutchfield (d. 1828) married an unnamed white wife; then a sister of Tarcheechee Tiger [probably Ticanohila Tiger], and Nannie Love (the latter two both Cherokees). Joseph's younger sister Rachel Crutchfield (Mrs. John Tiner) also lived nearby. The story of brothers Joseph and Rock Crutchfield as orphans adopted by James Vann after the death of their father (killed by Vann) can be found in Emmet Starr's HISTORY OF THE CHEROKEE INDIANS (p. 597). This story is not in the Moravian Diaries.

IN 1807James Vann hired his (non-Indian) cousin Josiah Vann as an overseer; Josiah Vann and his wife Anna placed 3 of their 10 children into the Spring Place School: Anna Sophia (age 8), Lemelia (age 10), and Lavinia (age 12). It is my contention that this Josiah Vann, cousin of James Vann, and father of Lemelia Vann is the person known as "Joseph David" Vann, supposed brother of James Vann, and father of Lemelia Vann (& a large number of descendants). There is no CONTEMPORARY evidence for Joseph David; Josiah Vann is well documented by the Moravians. It is possible that Josiah Vann might be a son of James Vann (# 4 above).

In 1809 James Vann hired another (non-Indian) cousin Zephaniah Coody as overseer; 2 of his children briefly went to the Spring Place School: Archibald (age 7) and Peninniah (age 9). It is known that Zephaniah's parents were Arthur Archibald Coody, Sr. and Edith Vann (thus Edith was an aunt of James Vann). Zephaniah's younger brother Joseph Coody married a Cherokee, Jennie Ross (sister of Principal Chief John Ross).

Many Vann researchers have been puzzled that Vashti Vann's husband Benjamin Jernigan was involved in some manner with litigation over a portion of the estate of Cherokee Chief James Vann. My reconstruction show that Vashti was a daughter of Edward ("Ned") Vann II (# 2 above) and thus James' first cousin. Vashti's sister Edith (a namesake of her aunt Edith Vann) married Martin Cloud.

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  1. This is a very nice piece of research you have posted. Thank you. It helps me to clear up some issues with the family tree on my daughter's dad side. Her dad, John, is descended from Edith Vann, daughter of Edward Vann and Charity.