Friday, July 22, 2011

Dr Georgina Deweese and her WGAU Students Begin the Dating of the Log Building

F-R  Dr. Georgina Deweese, a student, and Peggy Allgood, President of Cave Spring Historical Society getting ready to harvest core samples for dating.
Numbered back and front to replace the larger portion after dating.

Tedious work to get good core samples.

Bet the early builders would marvel at a reciprocating saw!

That may not just be glare.  Perhaps the "old folks" are watching in these pictures.

Pieces are wrapped and protected for transport and study.

Logs inside the hall on South side of log structure.

Logs beside the fireplace in middle hallway at stairs to second floor .

Wide tongue and groove paneling in main room of 1st floor. 
 We most sincerely thank Dr. Deweese for her interest, work in funding this project, and her kindness for helping our town to determine the origin of this unbelievably well preserved early structure thus opening up long forgotten history for posterity! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

870 in the 1832 Georgia gold lottery? Cabin is on Land lot 871

Land lot 870 is also the site of the brick cook house. This cook house is believed to be part of the estate of David Vann. Vann was dispossessed of his estate holdings during the Cherokee removal. The property valuations conducted during that time list numerous outbuildings on Vann’s plantation. The brick cook house is believed to be the kitchen referred to in the property listing.
                 Thomas Blackburn won lot 870 in the 1832 Georgia gold lottery. He claimed the land on January 11, 1834. It is not known when or if Blackburn took physical possession of the property. Blackburn sold the property to Luke Johnson on November 26, 1834 for the sum of $500. The deed describes the property as “being the lot where David Vann’s buildings stand.” The following year, on June 5, 1835, Johnson sold the 40 acres of lot 870 to Camp for $775