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Criminal cases of the Cherokee Nation

Case# 140 10/29/1827
Gideon Childers
vs John Walker, Sr
debt; against plaintiff; cost of appeal $0.60

Case# 141 10/29/1827
Thigh Walker
vs Robert Fields
debt; fines plaintiff for the 7 bushels of corn in contention; cost of
appeal $1.14

Case# 142 11/1/1827
William Bolling
vs [illegible] & Tsukanah
debt on note; by default against defendants: cost of appeal $72

Case# 143 11/2/1827
John Walker
vs Jacob Seabolt
to recover costs; for plaintiff: $39.60 1/2

Case# 144 10/24/1828 Andrew Ross, John Huss, & Walter S. Adair; Elijah
Hicks, Clerk
Cherokee Nation (Wolf, prosecutor)
vs Robert Sanders & Wayahuttah
stealing money; against defendants

Case# 145 10/24/1828
Cherokee Nation (Chuwakuller, prosecutor)
vs Beaver Carrier
stealing; defendant guiltly, sentenced to receive 5 lashes & to pay
prosecutor $10 & costs; witness: The Fencer (14 days - $10)

Case# 146 10/28/1828
William Berry (James Gibson, agt)
vs William Lasley
to recover price of a horse; for plaintiff: bill of $115; cost of appeal
$6.90; stay taken on above judgement according to law witness:
James Lasley, Sr

Case# 147 10/28/1828
Cherokee Nation
vs John C. Bird
horse stealing; Bird pleads guilty & sentenced to receive 100 lashes on the
bare back

Case# 150 11/3/1828
Estate of Dragging Canoe, dec'd. (David Griffin, one of
vs Peggy Pathkiller
to recover Negroes: Simon, Pheby, & her children; horses, cattle, hogs, & 1
set of blacksmith tools; Court awards adminstrators Simon, 4
cows, & 1 set of smiths tools or $270 (John Ridge, security) witnesses:
Chuwalookee (10 days-$7.50); James Hughes (ditto); Sally Duck
(6 days-$4.50); Mrs. Fish (11 days-$11.25); Mrs. Headthrower (10
days-$10.50); Youn Duck (6 days-$4.50); John Thompson (31
days-$23.25); William Thompson (20 days-$15.00); Money Cryer (3
days -$2.25); John Ratliff (8 days-$6.00) Execution of decision
8/14/1829; some of property stored 9 months by Elijah Hicks

Case# 151 11/5/1828
James Foreman
vs Necotiah
Necotiah presented proofs to open Court that the judgement against her made
10/29/1827 was "contrary to the intention & meaning of the
customs & usages of the courts of the Nation." A new hearing is ordered for
the case

Case# 152 11/5/1828
Peggy Morgan (David Vann, assignee)
vs Jacob West
debt on account; for defendant; witness: Major Ridge (4 days -$3); Mrs.
Ridge (ditto.); James Martin (ditto.)

Case# 153 11/6/1828
Thomas Pettit
vs George Downing, dec'd. (John Downing, admr.)
plea of debt arising from copartnership worth $$4271; for the defendant
witnesses: Mary Alberty (5 days at Hickory Log - $3.75); Mary
Alberty at New Echota 7 days-$5.25); Sally Alberty (7 days-$5.25); Stephen
Whitmire [?] (15 days-$11.25); Thomas Sanders (ditto.); Wind
(ditto.); James Doherty (ditto.); Nelly Downing (ditto.) Execution paid
12/13/1828; delivered to Eli Harlan

Case# 154 11/6/1828
Charles R. Hicks
vs John Walker
debt; for plaintiff, bill of $471.83 1/2

Case# 155 11/10/1828
Joseph Vann
vs David McNair & Delilah McNair
to recover certain property; in favor of defendants; witnesses: James B.
Chisholm (29 days-$21.75); Clement Vann (34 days-$27.50);
William Burgess (19 days-$14.25); John Millen (15 days-$11.25); Major Ridge
(7 days-$5.25); Thomas Pettit (4 days-$3); Big Halfbreed (3
days-$2.25); Walkingstick (4 days-$3); Chulioa (7days- $5.25); James Foster
(10days-$7.50); James Brown (8 days-$6) W.S. Shorey,
security for jundement against Joseph Vann for 9 months per act of

Case# 156 11/13/1828
Major Henderson (Andrew M. Vann,agt)
vs Samuel Talley
debt on account; Court confirms judgement of District Court: $74.75

Case# 157 11/13/1828
Hasterig & Rawlings (Joseph Coodey,agt.)
vs Hugh Price
debt on note; for plaintiffs: $74 & interest (9/7/1827 to 11/13/1828) R.
Taylor, security for Hugh Price for 6 months, dated 11/18/1828

Case# 158 11/13/1828
John Walker
vs John Jourdan, Jr.
debt on account; limitation act

Case# 159 11/13/1828
Denham Orr
vs Chickasawtehee
action for debt; for plaintiff: $8.00; witness: John Love (8days-$6)

Case# 160 11/13/1828
Cherokee Nation (Archy Foreman, agt)
vs William McJunkin
violation of law; for defendant; witness: Major Martin (12 days-$9)

Case# 161 11/13/1828
Robert Smith (David Ross,agt.)
vs David England
to recover a stolen mare; for plaintiff: $60

Case# 162 11/13/1828
James Turk
vs Gideon [?] Agnew
debt on judement from McMinn Co, TN Court; for the defendant

Case# 163 11/12/1828
Edward Adair
vs Ambrose Harnage
to recover certain Negroes; for defendant witnesses: Samuel Candy (16
days -$12); John Wright (10 days- $7.50); Nancy Talley (11
days-$8.25); James Brown (7 days-$5.25); Thomas Pettit (12 days-$9); William
Hicks (6 days-$4.50); Nancy Hicks (15 days-$11.25); Dr.
Murry (7 days-$5.25); case stayed 6 months 11/13/1828 W.S.Adair, security;
execution issued & delivered to Joseph M. Lynch, Marshal

Case# 164 11/12/1828
Nancy Dougherty
vs Thomas Monroe
damages from assault & battery; for plaintiff: $6

Case# 165 11/10/1828
John Fields
vs Oowauteyohee
debt for price of horse; finds bill of $50 witnesses: Major Ridge (13
days-$9.75); Old Fields (6 days-$4.50)

Case# 166 11/11/1828
Michael Huffacre
vs Archy Foreman
damages to recover for an unlawfull seizure of property; for defendant
witness: Thomas Wilson (8 days-$6)

Case# 195 10/30/1829
Cherokee Nation (Treasurer of)
vs Elijah Hicks, George M. Lavender, & James Daniel
debt on note; against defendants: bill of $90 & interest (from 11/19/1827)
stayed 9 months; Leonard Hicks, security

Case# 196 10/31/1829
Thomas B. Adair
vs Alex Feather
damage for moving a house; Court agrees with Hihgtower District Court
judgement: $12

Case# 197 10/31/1829
Andrew M. Vann
vs Samuel Adair, Jr.
debt on note; for plaintiff for 2 cows & calves plus 1600 lbs of beef

Case# 198 10/31/1829
Jese Raper
vs Toonahnalah
for a plantation; for defendant

Case# 199 10/31/1829
Lame Dick [Duck?]
vs Polly Barnett
Court confirms District Court in favor of plaintiff

Case# 200 10/16/1830 Walter S. Adair, Andrew Ross, John Huss S. Watie,
John Graves (John Harrison, agt)
vs John Lowrey, dec'd.
not for $75; for defendant

Case# 201 10/18/1828
widow Cornblade
vs James Fields
recover for a horse; for plaintiff; either the contended horse or its
appraised value

Case# 202 10/20/1830
Crying Snake
vs Robert Brown
for right to a certain field at Pathkiller's Ferry on west side of River;
for plaintiff: the field in dispute witnesses: M. McIntosh (14
days-$10.50); John Ratliff (17days- $12.75); Anohy (16 days-$12); James
Lasley (15 days-$11.25); Quakey (3 days-$2.25); Takey (2
days-$1.50); Kenah (6 days-$4.50); Kahlonesky (3 days-$2.25)

Case# 203 10/20/1830
John Ridge
vs Shade Quaquah, et al
right to a certain improvement & houses adjoining plantation of Jack
Quahquah, dec'd., lying east & west of the road to Oothcaloga;
Court finds for plaintiff; houses & field in dispute

Case# 204 9/27/1830
George Baldridge
Baldridge presents to Court the following affadavits: A) 9/27/1830 James
Spencer (X) says he was present when Luther Morgan gave to
George Baldridge a bill of sale of a Negro woman named Silve B) 9/27/1830
Charles Dryhead (X)says that he acted as interpreter
between George Baldridge & Luther Morgan re Negro woman named Hannah C)
9/27/1830 George Baldridge (X) says on 1/7th last he
was robbed of a trunk along with bill of sale for 2 Negroes (a girl named
Silve, age 20 & a girl Hannah, age not recollected). One bill of
sale made to Luther Morgan of Huntsville & other for Hannah made by Latte &

Case# 205 2/25/1833
Last Will & Testiment of Richard Ratliff, "now advanced in age" ; gives to
his daughter Jenny (wife of Daniel Griffin) these Negroes:
Tonney & her children Haner, Joe, & Liby & all their increase; 2 children
named Beckey & Peter; Negro woman Mary

Case# 206 10/23/1833
Templin W. Ross
vs Sleeping Rabbit
debt on note; for plaintiff: bill for $5.50 with interest from 8/271820

Case# 207 10/23/1833
George Still
vs Peggy
debt on account $50; for plaintiff: $20 & costs

Case# 208 10/23/1833
Sally Murphy
vs Robert Fields
debt on account; for defendant

Case# 209 10/23/1833
John Walker, Sr.
vs Samuel J. Aikens
debt; for defendant

Case# 210 10/24/1833 Charles H. Vann, Clerk
David Thompson
vs David Ross
debt; for defendant

Case# 211 10/25/1833
David Sconatoyee
vs Checooea
debt on note; for plaintiff: $50

Case# 212 10/25/1833
Nancy Hawkins
vs William Loudermilk
for plaintiff: $230

Case# 213 10/25/1833
Mary Stedman [this is Mary Vann, sister of Rich Joe Vann]
Affadavit 8/10/1829 by Mary Stedman of Chickamauga District has sold to
Joseph Vann of Coosawatta District the following property:
Negro woman Jenny (ca 50yeas old), her husband Jarry (about same age), & her
children Sally (34 years old), Charlat (28 years old),
George (26 years old), and Roseanna (21 years) plus Sally's grandchildren
Ruben (9), Washington (6), Sally (3), & Ereline (1); also 10
head of cattle, 1 mare, & 2 colts, 1 bay horse , & 1 pony and 1 wagon for
consideration of $4020 paid to me. witnesses: George M.
Lavender & John Bell Also affadavit of George M. Lavender,10/24/1833
confirming above

Case# 214 10/29/1830
Tom Boot
vs David McNair
to recover a cow; for defendant

Case# 215 10/21/1830
John McCarvey & Maurice Gore
vs John Martin & Samuel McConnell
debt on note; for plaintiffs: $19.44 1/2

Case# 216 10/21/1830
widow Root [Ketcher = Tickaneeski?]
vs The Ketcher
debt for a horse; for defendant

Case# 217 10/21/1830
Betsey Walker
vs David Vann
recover damages for unlawfully detaining Negroes; for defendant

Case# 218 10/23/1830
Goeroge Harlan (Eli Harlan, agent)
vs Michael Huffacre
debt on account; for plaintiff: $426.31 1/4 witnesses: Edward Adair (19
days-$14.25); Archy Foreman (17 days- $12.75)

Case# 219 10/23/1830
William Post
vs Samuel Mayes
trespass to recove a field; Court decides on part of field belonging to each

Case# 220 10/23/1830
M. Hildebrand
vs James Pettit
Referred back to Circuit Court for trial

Case# 221 10/23/1830
Charles Thornton
vs Walter Adair
debt on note; for plaintiff for $85.25 & interest from 12/15/1829 Samuel
Mayes, security for 6 months stay of case

Case# 222 10/23/1830
Robert Parris
vs John Gillen & Giles McAnulty
for bond; for plantiff: $75

Case# 223 10/25/1830
Jesse Halfbreed
vs Samuel Copeland
debt on notes; for plaintiff: $11.75 & wagon bed to be valued by 2
disinterested persons chosen by the parties; cost of appeal $0.75

Case# 224 10/26/1830
vs Wahlanetah
recover for a horse; for defendant; witnesses: Cahnedoo (1 day- $0.75);
Sarah (1 day-$0.75); Wahtey (1 day-$0.75)

Case# 225 10/26/1830
Aaron & Henry Price
vs James P. Chisholm
debt on due bill; for plaintiff: $24

Case# 226 10/26/1830
vs David Vann
Court orders Vann to appear before Court at New Echota in 1831 to show cause
why there should not be a new trial of the cases of
Elizabeth Walker & children of Peggy Morgan against David Vann for
unlawfully detaining Negroes

Case# 227 10/26/1830
Quaty Hair
vs George Candy
debt on note; for plaintiff: $8

Case# 228 10/18/1832 Walter S.Adair, John Huss
Sally Hawkins
vs Betsey Welch
appeal from the bench; Court remands case to lower court for trial

Case# 229 10/20/1832
The Flint
vs Richard Walker
to recover a horse; for defendant

Case# 230 10/23/1832
James Foreman
vs Jesse Bushyhead & Isaac Bushyhead
debt on note for cattle; for $16.75

Case# 231 10/23/1832
vs James Foreman
to recover a yearling; for defendant

Case# 232 10/24/1832
Robert Vann
vs George Benge
remanded back to lower court for trial

Case# 233 10/24/1832
Sally Lowrey
vs Archy Foreman
to recover 7 head of cattle; for plaintiff: cattle worth $40

Case# 234 10/25/1832
vs Ahnahtuskee
to recover a certain black horse; for defendant

Case# 235 10/26/1832 John Huss; George M. Waters; William S. Shorey [later
2 replacing the absent Lewis Ross & W.S. Adair]
vs David Stiner
debt on order; for plaintiff: $30

Case# 236 10/19/1833 John Huss; W.S. Adair Charles H. Vann, Clerk
children of Peggy Morgan (Betsey Walker, agt)
vs David Vann
sci.fa. for a new trial; Court refuses to hold new trial

Case# 237 10/21/1833 W.S.Adair, John Huss; Daniel McCoy
Caty McDaniel (for her son John B. McDaniel)
vs Jesse Raper
trespass to recover damage of $15; for defendant

Case# 238 10/21/1833
Delila McLane
vs Joseph Spears
trespass to recover improvement; for defendant

Case# 238.1 10/21/1833
Johnson Foreman & Michael Wagner [?]
vs John Butler & M. Waters
for plaintiff: $96.50; cost of appeal: $5.73

Case# 239 10/21/1833
vs Arch'd Foreman & James Spear
debt on note $38.48; for plaintiff

Case# 240 10/21/1833
Thomas Mannon
vs Young Wolf
debt on accout; for plaintiff: $10 & cost

Case# 241.24 10/21/1833
Thomas C. Wrae
vs Arch'd Foreman
debt on note; for plaintiff: $20 & cost $2.40

Case# 243 10/25/1833
Arch Acorn
vs Moses Hildebrand
for defendant

Case# 244 10/25/1833
vs Spanish Peter
to recover for 4 head of cattle; for plaintiff; for 4 head of cattle or
comparable value

Case# 245 10/25/1833
James C. Martin
vs James Pettit
for defendant

Case# 246 10/25/1833
Amos Thornton
vs James Foreman et al
damages to recover for false imprisonmen; for defendants

Case# 247 10/25/1833
Quaty Hair (in behalf of Anderson Benge)
vs Dew Otterlifter
to recover damages; for plaintiff: $5 & cost of suit

Case# 248 10/28/1833 W.S.Adair; John Huss
Betsey Walker
vs Young Wolf
trespass for improvement; for plaintiff

Case# 249 10/28/1833
Nicholas Smith
vs Oohwohlata
to recover hogs; for pliantiff: 20 hogs

Case# 250 10/23/1834 W.S.Adair; Daniel McCoy; Arch Fields
Sally Timberlake
vs Fodder & wife Susan
right of a filly & 4 head of cattle; for plaintiff: the 1 year old filly or
the value thereof

Case# 251 10/24/1834
vs Robin Perry
debt of $10; for plaintiff; cost of appeal: $0.60

Case# 252 10/25/1834
vs Atohlahee
debt for horse; for defendant

Case# 253 10/25/1834
Caty Richmond, Anny Richmond, & Big Drum
vs Prince
emancipation of a black man named Prince for the consideration of $150
received from him. witnesses Lewis Ross & John Miller

Case# 254 10/25/1834
vs Tiesky & brother
to recover 5 head of cattle; for plaintiff: the cattle or comparable value

Case# 255 10/27/1834
vs George Cherokee
to recover 1 cow & yearly increase; for defendant

Case# 256 10/28/1834
Sally Hawkins
vs Betsey Welch
to recover a cow & increase for 12 years; for plaintiff: $30 to be
discharged in trade

Case# 257 10/28/1834
Cherokee Nation
vs The Broom
charged with murder; acquitted jurors: John Butler, Dick Foreman,
Connequiyohkee, Neelukah, Dick Sanders, Fishing Hawk, Fox Taylor,
John Love, Roman Nose, Oosenahlee, Hiram P. McCrary, & Samuel Foreman
(foreman of jury)

Case# 258 10/30/1834
Cherokee Nation
vs Chonoolaskee, Rain Crow, & Sleeping Rabbit
for stealing hogs; Court finds Chonoolaskee guilty & fined $l0 for hogs &
sentenced to recive 25 lashes on bare back jurors: Samuel
Foreman, Charles Timberlake, Ned Five Killer, Black Fox, Kulkaloskee, &

Case# 263 10/29/1834
Aulley Crittenden
vs William Williams
trespass for a clearing 1/4 mile for her house; for plaintiff; description
of land at issue adjoining Williams' improvement (purchased from
Bendabout). The local District officer to assign a proper person to make
division between parties

Case# 263.1 10/29/1834
William Williams
vs Jesse Barrow
Court order District sheriff to appoint 2 men to value cow in dispute

Case# 266 10/29/1834
Residents of Cherokee Nation in North Carolina
vs Sam Bent
Affadavit re events many years before: an Indian trader named Sam Bent (a
whiteman who beat & killed his pregnant Cherokee wife); to
avoid vengeance by clansmen, Bent pursuaded Cherokee Council at Chota Old
Town on Tennessee River by purchasing a slave named
Mollie at Augusta, GA as a replacement; Mollie & her descendants since
fully accepted as Cherkokee citizen under tribal custom & usuage