Friday, December 30, 2011

The Legend of the Courage Wolf ($12.50, free shipping) All proceeds benefit the Cave Spring Log Cabin

Cave Spring Historical Society, Cave Spring, Georgia Click To order

Written by acclaimed novelist (Bertha) and columnist (Rome News-Tribune) Mike Ragland, Courage Wolf was inspired by two things: The true story of Cherokee boys finding the preserved body of a Wolf in the ancient cave in Cave Spring circa1800s and the Cherokee legend of the two wolves that live in the heart of all men.

Ragland has turned these elements into a masterful tale of mystery, love, and redemption that will lift up children and adults alike. Illustrated characters include some of current Cave Springs most loved storytellers. Photographs of the Cherokee-built Cave Spring Log Cabin are included.

HURRY: Quantities of this precious keepsake edition are truly limited. Order several and order NOW.

MEET THE AUTHOR: Watch this site for dates of readings and signings with Mike Ragland near or at the Courage Wolf Cave itself. Leave your email address for advance notice.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Where David Vann live at

In the Records of the 4th Board of Cherokee Commissioners records of a Claim to Creek Indian improvements claimed by a Gary Hinant.
Johnson K Rogers, a very well know Cherokee, gave the following testimony:
I was a citizen of the Cherokee nation long before & at the time specified, and know that there was a settlement situated upon Terrapin Creek in the Cherokee country – which lands were sold by the Treaty of 1835 and said town was called “Conjarda Town” and said people who occupied the town were headed by their chief Force-hatchee-fixico. I derived this information from having passed through the town in the month of February 1834, and spent the night of the same day at the house of one David Vann (a Cherokee) in what’s called Vann’s Valley and there found Force-hatchee-fixico & some of his people, to whom I was introduced by Mr. Vann – who informed me that they had left their (Creek) nation, & had settled in the town at the place above designated.

There is more about Hinant in the Special Files of the BIA in Special File #40 but it is about Creek Indians and a fraudulent claim by Hinant.

per Mike Wren