Thursday, November 17, 2011

Avery Vanns Holdings Went To James Hemphill

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Andrea Montgomery Adams 
Avery Vanns holdings went to James Hemphill. James Hemphill mortgage the land to a bank that failed. It was called Ruckersville. By 1843 James Hemphill got the job as U.S. Fed Choctow Agent and moved to Mississippi with this Madison Montgomery (son of Hugh Lawson Montgomery.) All of James Hemphills holdings went to William Montgomery in 1843. William Montgomery, starting with $10,000 in his home lent out money in the form of IOUs. A man named James Berry asked his slave to ask William Montgomery's slave where the money was in the house. He stole it in 1850. Its contents were $7000 in silver coins and $3000 in IOU's. The newspaper said that James Berry was a well liked judge and the town needed to stop gossiping about it. We think the Barker cabin is Avery Vanns because it matches the size of Avery Vanns evaluation of improvements when he left for Oklahoma.
§  Avery Vanns Holdings Went To James Hemphill. James Hemphill Mortgage The Land To A Bank That Failed. It Was Called Ruckersville. By 1843 James Hemphill Got The Job As U.S. Fed Choctow Agent And Moved To Mississippi With This Madison Montgom...
Inventory Notebook Of Property Belonging To The Cherokees Of Floyd County, Georgia, 1838
MS 927 Cherokee Indian Papers, Folder 3, Item 10

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