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Could The Cabin Be Avery Vann Place At Beaver Pond Of The Cherokee Nation

Andrea Montgomery Adams

McIntosh Reserve May 15th 1831
Dear Sir

Not having seen a map of the country of the Cherokees showing how the sectional lines have been run I cannot for a certainty give you the information asked, but from the Idea I have of the country I think Richd [Richard] Roe's old place on the Hightower River must be in the 3rd section which I would suppose to be as fit a place to hold an election as any other. & Jonathan WalkerBozeman Adare& James Dixon esqr. all liveing [living] near the line would I think be fit & proper persons to hold the Election. The fourth section of course lies on the Alabama line & I expect A. Vanns old place is in It. If it is I think that would have superior advantages over any other in the section a store being kept at this place, It is the place rented by a Mr. Hemphill formerly of Jackson County. (Verry [Very] highly Recommended to me by Mr. Liddell of Jackson). I would recommend John Robinson Joseph Little& [word omitted] Kennon esqr. [esquire] all living in the 8th dist [district] of this county & near the line as proper persons to hold that election. Mr. Kennon is one [work omitted: of] the Magistrates in the 8th. I don't know his given name you will perhaps assertain [ascertain] that in your office should it be desireable [desirable] I have no doubt our Inferior court or a sufficiency of them would attend & hold one or both of these elections If requested by yr. [your] excellency. I spoke to one of them & he informd [informed] me he thot [thought] they would, The persons However. Mentiond [Mentioned] above will I have no doubt Superintend them & I believe them to be quallified [qualified] please accept. the [unclear: assurrance [assurance]] of my regard & esteem
Respectfully &c [et cetera]
[Signed] Christ [Christopher] Bowen

His Excellency G. [George] R Gilmer

Christr [Christopher] Bowen
15th May 1831

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