Saturday, August 20, 2011

This  lovely old oak is coming down.  It was on the
 Trail Of Tears march site across from Big Cedar Creek
on old Cedartown Road just up from Seab Green
Road.  A tremendous bolt of lightning hit it 
a few weeks ago on the side away from the camera
from top to bottom, came up out of the ground
on the side shown, knocking off bark, and throwing
rocks  and dirt out of the exit hole.  The nearest house lost
two tv's, and lit up inside like a flash-bang had been 
thrown. The percussion hit the 16 year old son in  the
back and made it tingle.  I guess the "Old Folks" were tired
of going around its great bulk grown tall and full
 in the middle of the old 
Cherokee toll road and took care of things.  
They should be happier now.  Taking it down was
 necessary, but very expensive.
.Farewell  lovely oak,  your beautiful shade will be missed.
Brave old ones, your way is cleared and go in peace.

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