Monday, February 28, 2011

Why The Cabin Is CHEROKEE


* Born the son of Avery Vann, Sr. in the vicinity of Springplace Cherokee Nation (C/N)

He is a nephew of Clement Vann, who later became a husband of Wal-li Vann. She is the mother of Chief James Vann whose father, Joseph Vann, is Clement Vann’s ½ brother.

            1807: one of Avery Vann’s boys brought fish to the Moravian Mission at Springplace. Either Joseph (9) or David (7) and he attended school at a Mr. Parris’ house and was taught by a Mr. Murphy.

            About 1813 / 1814 Avery Vann’s family lived on the south side of the Coosa River according to testimony given by his wife, Margaret McSwain. (Daug. Of Maj. McSwain and Nannie Downing)
            …Avery Vann at this time was away fighting under David McNair’s command with Andrew Jackson against the Creeks.

            In 1820 when the Cherokee Nation divided its territory into 8 districts the Eastern dividing line between district 2 Challoogee (Chattoogee) and district 6 Etowah (Hightower) reads: … on the trace that goes by Avery Vann’s place and plantation on to the Etowah river ford, then down said river to the confluence of the Coosa River then up the Oostanaula River to the mouth of Aumuchy Creek …
            Avery Vann, Jr. is the namesake of our Vann’s Valley.  He had a ‘stand’ as well as a plantation along the ‘Lower Alabama’ Road at a place called Beaver Pond in V/V.
            In 1829 Avery Vann along with 57 other Indians from Beaver Pond early immigrated to the new Indian Territory West and he was paid for his improvements.
On his valuation sheet he was paid for a 2 floor building measuring 24x 18.

Avery’s son, Charles Vann, retained possession of his fathers ‘stand’ and possibly his land until 1831 when General James Hemphill was allowed by the State of Georgia to rent said ‘stand’.
Remember the ‘Gold Lottery’ was held in 1832 and individual citizens of Georgia became the official owners of these 40 acre lots including ‘gold lot # 871. (Much of downtown c/s)

            The circumstantial evidence points  to our 2-story 24x18 log cabin as being Avery Vann’s valuation 24x18 2-foor building.        



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