Friday, December 10, 2010


This is what we are working toward creating!! Please vote and get your friends and families to vote!! This came from a friend...

The folks at the Cave Spring Historical Society are working hard to save the Green Hotel – a pine log structure that may have Cherokee origins.
They’ve set up a page on the Pepsi Refresh project to raise $250,000 for the project. You can see the page for the log structure here.
There are 30 days left to vote. This building is going up against 1,096 other ideas, with the finalists slated to be announced Jan. 1.
The goals are to purchase the log structure and adjacent property, to research the history of the building, and to restore it as a living history museum. Honorable goals, all.
Here’s the rundown they give on their project page:
From its vantage point on the Trail of Tears, the cabin will tell the stories of the Cherokee families who prospered in their homeland and their interaction with settlers pushing west into Indian territory before the 1830s Removal. The cabin and grounds will provide research opportunities for archeologists, historians, and students throughout the southeast. We will create a hands-on history museum where storytellers, craftsmen and musicians can share their crafts - in historical context - with school groups and tourists alike.
How will the 250K be Used?
Budget Notes: Development of museum and educational staff salary. Volunteers will continue to raise funds and work with historic preservation, academic, and tourism organizations to preserve the log cabin and demolish or restore the adjoining structure (an old hotel built over the cabin in stages).
$ 155,000 Purchase cabin and adjacent property
$ 7,000 Fence property for security
$ 8,000 Clean, stabilize, and cover cabin with tarp
$ 50,000 Preservation/Restoration of cabin
$ 10,000 Preservation of other property structures
$ 10,000 Project management plan
$ 8,000 Research cost funds
$ 2,000 Printing/mailing costs

Won’t you take a minute out of your day (every day!) and cast a vote for this worthy project? Click on Pepsi Refresh above, put Cave Spring in the search box and vote. It only takes about 30 seconds. You can even skip visiting the web page and just text 104829 to Pepsi (73774). Standard text messaging rates apply.
Cave Spring Council Member Peggy Allgood encourages people to "vote every day" on the Pepsi site, or consider sending cash contributions to the Log Cabin Fund, P.O. Box 715, Cave Spring, GA 30124. All checks are tax-deductible.

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